The Greater Good

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Nov 012011
New Award Winning Film Premiers Online

On Oct. 30, the ground breaking documentary, THE GREATER GOOD, which focuses on the science, policy, economics, law and politics of vaccination premiered online at and can be viewed online for free through Nov. 8. Or you can purchase DVD copies of the movie to show your family and friends for only $10 for a limited time while supplies last.

Click here to preview The Greater Good movie.

Voices of Vaccine Injured, Advocates, Doctors & Scientists Included in Film

THE GREATER GOOD movie features the perspectives of families with children, who have been injured or died from childhood vaccinations, along with pro-informed consent advocates, including Barbara Loe Fisher; pediatricians Lawrence Palevsky, M.D. and Bob Sears, M.D.; Stephanie Christner, D.O., whose infant daughter died after a series of vaccinations in Oklahoma; Gabi Swank, who suffered a severe reaction to a series of Gardasil shots in Kansas; and the King family in Oregon, whose now-teenage son suffered regressive autism after childhood vaccinations.

Vaccine researchers, including Chris Shaw, Ph.D. and Diane Harper, M.D., PhD, discuss gaps in the vaccine safety science. The film also includes the perspectives of prominent pro-mandatory vaccination proponents, who are associated with vaccine manufacturers, the American Academy of Pediatrics and federal health agencies.

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